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Everything you need to know to get you and your bags to your destination safely.


Due to the size of the aircraft, each passenger is allowed 1 personal item such as a purse, briefcase, or laptop case.


Gate Checked Luggage such as a rolling bag does not incur any fees.

Checked Bags​ are subject to fees.

For bags weighing 50 pounds or less and being no more than 62 linear inches;

  • No Charge​ for the first bag

  • No Charge for the second bag

  • $10 for the third bag

For bags weighing over 50 pounds but less than 100 pounds and being no more than 62 linear inches;

  • $10 for the first bag 

  • $20 for the second bag

  • $40 for the third bag

Bags weighing over 100 pounds will not be accepted.


Reporting Damage

  • A Statement of Damage Form must be filed within 24 hours either in person or via email.

  • Statement of Damage Form must include written statement, copy of ticket, and visual evidence such as photos or video.

Reporting Lost Bags

  • Statement of Loss Claim Form must be filed within 24 hours either in person or via email.

  • Statement of Loss Claim Form must include a description of the missing bag either written or visual via photo or video.

Most lost bags are found within 48 hours.​

Compensation for lost or damaged bag.

  • When filing the claim, be sure to include any receipts pertaining to the lost or damaged luggage.

If destroyed;

  • RMA will mail a compensatory check.

If lost;​

  • If the bag is not found within 5 days of the reported loss, RMA will send a Statement of Loss Form.

  • Return the Statement of Loss Form within 5 Business Days of receipt.

  • RMA will mail a compensatory check.



  • May only be transported as checked bags.

  • May not be checked by anyone under the age of 18.

  • Container must be completely secure so that it does not allow or accidental or unauthorized access.

  • Must not hold dangerous or prohibited items such as, but not limited to; ammunition, flammable liquids, black powder, primers, or bear spray.

  • If flying to Canada: Handguns and Intermediate Cartridge Magazine Fed Semi-Automatic Rifles are Prohibited.


  • Prohibited to be in Carry-on or Gate Checked baggage.

  • Must fall within the weight allotment of 11 pounds.

  • Must be securely packed in the original manufacturers packaging or in a container designed to hold ammunition.

  • Loose ammunition or ammunition in a box without the strength to protect it from being accidentally crushed or discharged will not be accepted.

  • Rounds/Projectiles may not be larger than the size of a dime.

  • Must be checked in separately from a firearm.

  • Shell casings must meet the same criteria as live ammunition.

  • Magazines must be secured either in the crush-proof firearm case or in it's own separate crush-proof packaging.

  • All fireamrs and ammunition must be declared during check-in.

  • All firearms and ammunition require the claimant to present a photo ID or claim check at the baggage office when retrieving them.

Sporting Equipment

  • Must be checked baggage.

  • Must be properly packed in either soft or hard cases designed for the equipment.

  • Over-sized equipment such as kayaks and skis greater than 62 inches are not allowed due to the aircraft's size.

  • Camping equipment requiring the use of liquid fuel and liquid fuel containers are not allowed unless they have been fully emptied of the fuel.

Fragile Items

  • May be carried on or checked.

  • Should be securely packed in crush-proof container.

Musical Instruments

  • May be carried on or checked.

  • If checked, should be securely packed in crush-proof container.

Perishable Items and Big Game Trophies

  • Perishables and Big Game Trophies must be checked.

  • Perishable goods must be packed in a way that it will withstand a minimum of 48 hours without refrigeration.

  • Perishable goods must be packed in a leak-proof container (styrofoam will not be accepted).

  • Antlers and Horns from Big Game Trophies must be properly packaged and meet normal size and weight restrictions.


  • Alcohol (More than 3.4 oz) - Must be checked.

  • Battery-Operated, Self Balancing Devices

  • Camping/Outdoor Equipment - Must be drained of all fuel.

  • Matches

  • Animal Repellant

  • Lighters

  • Electronic Cigarettes

  • Explosives

  • Flammable Liquids or Solids

  • Internal Combustion Engines

  • Liquids, gels, aerosols - Must be checked if over 3.4 oz unless purchased beyond the security checkpoint.

  • Lithium Batteries - Carry-on Only

  • Marijuana

  • Products containing CBD and/or THC to include but are not limited to edibles, e-Cigarette cartidges, and pills

  • Gasoline-powered tools

  • Wet-cell Batteries

  • Radioactive materials

  • Poisons

  • Infectious substances

  • Personal air purifiers - Checked Only

  • Pool Chemicals

  • Pottery, Glass, or wood - Checked Only

  • Powder and powder-like substances - Checked Only

  • Pressurized Containers

  • Printers

  • Printer and toner cartridges

  • Sharp objects - Checked Only

  • Styrofoam Containers - Carry-on Only


For your safety and security, always place a personal identification tag on your bag. Not only will it make sure you will be able to find your bag, but it can help keep someone from taking your bag by mistake.

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